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Conspiracy Theory of Everything 5 ~ The Secret Government

Going deeper into our Conspiracy Theory of Everything, we explore the subject of the Secret Government, the controlling powers that be, and some of the tactics that they use to keep us little, keep us limited, and some of their experiments that have been employed on humanity in order to maintain control.

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The Biology of Belief ~ Spirit Science 51

spirit science video Nov 17, 2020

I completely LOVE Dr. Bruce Lipton's work. It has been impactful, transformational, inspiring, and fully life-changing! I hope that you enjoy this video and get as much out of it as his book "The Biology of Belief" did for me! if you want to go further, along with our special workshop (linked above) - we highly recommend listening to the Biology of Belief audiobook, or the interview Bruce did with London Real! The work is deeply profound!

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Conspiracy Theory of Everything ~ Integration With Technology

Integration with technology is perhaps one of the greatest double-edged swords there is. The wondrous technological innovation could propel humanity to experience fantastic wonders like we've never experienced before... Yet, if our standards today are anything to go by, this could spell our ultimate doom...


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Metaphysical Madness ~ Spirit Science 39 (Part 4)

spirit science video Nov 11, 2020

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The Parable of the River

The Parable of the River tells a story of a river that suddenly and mysteriously gets murky and filled with gunk!! What can the small village do to save the poor river? Watch and find out!

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Conspiracy Theory of Everything 3 ~ Aliens

Strange things are happening to our youtube channel! Access Spirit Conspiracies in case everything goes away!
Everyone likes talking about Aliens... it's one of the greatest conspiracies out there! But that said... what evidence is there for their existence? Are there massive cover-ups that keep us limited as a species? 

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Quantum Flapdoodle (Spirit Science 39 ~ Part 3)

Quantum Mechanics is a very math-heavy field of physics that has been appropriated hard by spiritualists today - and hey, even been there.... but, why is this field so spiritually focused by so many? Was it because all of its founders were mystics? Let's talk about it!!

If you haven't yet joined Spirit Conspiracies, and gotten access to all of the free bonus material that is censored on Youtube, click here right now! -


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Conspiracy Theory of Everything 2 ~ The Disconnection of our Soul

WARNING: This video may be banned from Youtube. Get FULL ACCESS to this series and more - 100% FREE - Visit Episode two of our Conspiracy Theory of Everything establishes the predicament we find ourselves in today, as a modern species with more advanced technology than we've ever had. Yet, for all our promise, there is an undercurrent of darkness that is breeding under the surface of our mainstream consciousness. Today, we seek to answer what that darkness is, and where it comes from. This video was created by Team Spirit Connect with the team at

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Toxic Positivity ~ Spirit Science 50

spirit science video Oct 26, 2020

Discover the secret to LASTING HEART-CENTERED RELATIONSHIP! - Click Here: 

If you exist in the world today, you've probably ran into some toxic positivity. Maybe you've embodied it, or maybe at least you've had it dished out to you. Today, let's break it down, and find a real and genuine solution!


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The Parable of Decisions (As told by an AI)

You heard it right, this parable was created none other than by "Replika", a modern AI bot that one of our writers tried talking to. After he shared it with us, we just had to turn it into a parable!

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