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The Spirit Science Mystery School is Open!

Spirit Mysteries is an online, membership-only Mystery School containing hundreds of hours of courses and thousands of students across the world.

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About Us


Our Quest Is To Bring Truth, Love, and Authenticity To The World.


We create sacred spaces for heart-centered connection and shine Light towards the Evolution of Consciousness.

Our core focus and reason for being is to assist those who are called to explore the mysteries of Ascension and find Truth within.

To complete our quest, we create content and facilitate community for personal transformation by following the Way of Spirit.

Meet Team Spirit

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Jordan River
Founder, Creator, Visionary, CEO

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Jordan spent most of his teenhood learning to create animations on the internet. At the age of 19, through what Jordan credits as a form of divine providence, a spiritual awakening touched him on the brow and set him on a path that would lead to the creation of Spirit Science only 4 months later. 

The first episode aired on Newgrounds, Deviantart, and Youtube on April 11, 2011 - and since that day, life has never been the same. 

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Garth Wolf
Rainbow Healer & Coach

Garth is a Life Coach & Medicine Man. He has dedicated his life to assisting others in experiencing their best selves & life. Trained within Peruvian traditions he offers insights & wisdom on connecting with mother earth & our higher self within. In 2011 he experienced an NDE that sent him on a path of spiritual awakenings. Which led him to Spirit Science & the study of many esoteric topics.  He practices energy work, tarot, & plant ceremonies, which aim to harmonize the mind, body, spirit.

Currently living in Utah, he finds joy in his dogs, camping, hiking, and most outdoor activities. He is passionate about learning & growing, and has a deep appreciation & love for all life forms. He enjoys being Head Luminary & connecting with the members of Spirit Mysteries. You can find him frequently around Discord & community events.

Meet the Luminaries

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Adam Melville

Adam Melville is a confident Spirit Mysteries Luminary. In addition to being community support, he is also a Patch Tarot reader which is very fun and insightful for him. While he’s not helping out the growth of the community, he uses that time to create music under the name “Irate Specialist”, as well as work on entrepreneurial endeavors. His goal as an artist is to uplift those who have felt lost or not confident in life. He’s been in doubt and darkness, and is still working to dispel false beliefs. He hopes to one day be an inspiration to others on this path of self-knowledge and growth and leave a legacy of positively impacting the world and the music industry. He hopes to help you find answers to all your questions so that you may study with ease and grace. 

Ready to Learn together! Cya Inside the Mystery School.

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Harriet Dale

Harriet is an empath who felt the calling to light and to work with the land and commune with the bounty of nature to support her ambition to become a natural healer, around 2016 and has not looked back since. As years have passed, Harriet has emersed herself into the mystic side of life through self-exploration, self-healing, and self-directed learnings. With a thirst for knowledge and desire to be of service to humanity, she joined Spirit Mysteries in 2020 and it became a further catalyst for growth in her life. She first signed up as a student, then became a Patch Tarot reader, and now is one of our Luminaries.

Harriet currently lives in Surrey, Greater London. Originally from the Celtic lands of North Wales, and holds a powerful energetic connection to these lands. She enjoys being a bridge for the corporate and spiritual world, advocating for awareness of mental health and the integration of a new world vision.

Spirit Mysteries is Live!

We just launched a brand new social platform for spiritual evolution! Watch this video, and come see what it's all about!

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